Answers to frequently asked questions about Sypex Geo. If you have not found the answer to your question, ask it using feedback form.

  1. Can Sypex Geo be used in commercial products?
    Yes. Sypex Geo was intended to be an open format and can be used in both free and commercial products.

  2. The API is currently only available in PHP, will there be support for other languages?
    It is planned to release an API for the most popular languages. In addition, it is planned to release modules for Apache and nginx.

  3. Will there be paid services?
    Paid subscriptions are planned for the SxGeo Country and SxGeo City databases. After subscribing, weekly automatic database updates will be available.

  4. How many IP ranges and localities do the databases contain?
    This information is constantly changing, you can find the latest information on statistics page.