From this page you can download the latest versions of the Sypex Geo API and databases for them.

Sypex Geo API

File Version Size Release date Downloads
Sypex Geo for PHP 5.2+ 2.2.3 5.47 KB 2014.06.20 41 063
Script for updating databases (Cron) 1.0.0 1.74 KB 2016.08.03 8 853

Databases for Sypex Geo 2.2

File Encoding Size Release date Downloads
Sypex Geo Country   - 517 KB 2024.07.11 178 758
Sypex Geo City   CP1251 21.1 MB 2024.07.11 18 022
Sypex Geo City  UTF-8 21.1 MB 2024.07.11 802 202

Directories for Sypex Geo 2.2

File Encoding Size Release date Downloads
Sypex Geo Info  UTF-8 1.84 MB 2019.12.30 45 617

Directories contain information about cities, regions and countries that are found in the Sypex Geo City and Sypex Geo Max databases. The data is in TSV format (Tab Separated Values) and also includes an SQL file for importing data into MySQL.

Third-party implementations of Sypex Geo API

Link Author PL Notes
SypexGeo for Laravel 5  scriptixru PHP Extension for Laravel 5, works with both local databases and the REST API service.
SypexGeo for Yii2 marciocamello PHP Extension for Yii2
pysyge  idlesign Python 2.7+, 3.2+ Only SxGeoCity and SxGeoMax in UTF-8 encoding are supported
python-sxgeo surpr1ze Python 2.7+ Only SxGeoMax is supported
sypex_geo kolesnikovde Ruby
Java API for Sypex Geo Web Service sypexgeo JAVA Supported by Sypex Geo REST API

Third party products using Sypex Geo

Product Author
Asynchronous web server returning location by IP KPACHbIuLLIAnO4
IP location for 1C-Bitrix Br-Soft Company
Stylish weather informer with geolocation for 1C-Bitrix TwoFingers Studio
Improved location selection with IP detection for 1C-Bitrix TwoFingers Studio
Smart weather informer for your website Masterpro Weblab
ReactPHP HTTP daemon
Sypex Geo plugin for Wordpress akalevich
SypexGeoBundle for Symfony2  yamilovs

Description of database types

All databases are presented in the Sypex Geo 2.2 format.

  • Sypex Geo Country - the database contains only country IDs and their ISO 3166-1 codes.
  • Sypex Geo City - the database contains information about the city, region and country. Information is in two languages (Russian and English), databases are available in UTF-8 and CP1251 (Windows-1251) encoding.
  • Sypex Geo Max - the database contains all the Sypex Geo City information plus time zones, regional coordinates, and OKATO codes for Russia, KOATUU for Ukraine and SOATO for Belarus.

Information about the differences between the versions of the Sypex Geo and Sypex Geo REST API databases can be found on the page Editions.

Do you want to convert your own database to the Sypex Geo format?

Please contact us using contacts. We will have a sample data. After which we will provide a PHP script for converting the database from MySQL into the Sypex Geo format. In the future, after familiarizing yourself with typical requests, we will try to create a universal converter.

The Sypex Geo format allows you to store arbitrary ranges of IP addresses and up to 3 directories (by default, these are directories - cities, regions and countries). But instead of them there may be any other data; in the same way, directories may not be used, and only the object ID will be issued.