Coordinates: 39.0437, -77.4875
City: ,
Region: ,

Sypex Geo 2.2 - 2024.07.11


Impressive speed

Locates 4-5 times faster than its closest competitors.

Open format

Open binary database format, allows you to create a database with your own data


Smallest binary database file size.

Low resource intensity

Low memory consumption and minimal disk access.


Supports databases in different languages.


There are no calls to external sources, and the database can be created independently.

Sypex Geo - a product for determining the location of a visitor by IP address, from the creators of Sypex Dumper. Having received the IP address, Sypex Geo provides information about the visitors location - country, region, city, geographic coordinates.

Sypex Geo - distributed under the BSD license, i.e. i.e. is absolutely free.

As a database, Sypex Geo uses a binary file of its own format. This format is open and universal. When developing the format, a lot of work was done to optimize the algorithm. Thanks to this, Sypex Geo works much faster than its competitors, consumes less memory, and also makes fewer disk accesses (which is why on busy servers, the difference is even greater in favor of Sypex Geo).